Ferdy The Cat!
A puzzle game for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Ferdy The Cat is freeware.

Download for Windows
(22 MB)

Download .jar for Mac & Linux
(22 MB)

Ferdy requires Java installed on your computer. Get it here.

Mac users might need to bypass the Mac OS Gatekeeper by pressing 'Ctrl' while clicking on the file icon, then choosing 'open' twice. The game comes with no warranty whatsoever, only with the best intent of your enjoyment.

Help Ferdy solve puzzles by pushing and merging blocks together. Blocks of the same color combine to create new shapes, resulting in an exciting level of complexity. Can you solve all the levels?

Ferdy The Cat
A game by Nikolaus Baumgarten
Music and sounds by Benjamin Belinksa

Contact: info@ferdythecat.com
© 2014